Monday, 5 July 2010

Hello and welcome

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company (RTW Brewing Co. - for short(er)) is glad to welcome you to our blog. We know that we have one of the longest company names going. Shortening the name to just initials however has the unfortunate consequence of turning us into the local borough council so the official version is as above.
Using the full company name is really important to us as it links us back to the original company of the same name that operated in the town in the early 1980's. Much of what was achieved then drives what we are doing now.
Our plans for the brewery are fairly simple in the short term. Brew great beer, be local and care about what we do. As we grow we want to try new things out and bring some interest back into the local beer market. It is an amazing time in the brewing community at the moment. There are more breweries in the UK now than at any time since WWII. The variety and depth of styles and choices are astounding. Just in Kent in the last two years at least 5 new microbreweries have set up. This must be good for beer drinkers and I can only encourage you to look out for these new beers in pubs and shops and anywhere else.

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